Palampur is a beautiful valley located near the dhauldaharmounatins. There are many popular and less popular treks near to Palampur.

1) Solitude Hill  (Camp 1 ) :-

2) Solitude Hill ( Camp 2 ) :-

3) Triund & Inderahar Pass:- An ideal for beginners, Triund is the most popular trek in the Dhauladhar mountains and is also among one of the most popular treks in Himachal. The hike to Triund hill is gentle and short with a distance of around 7 kms from the starting point. The Trek is opened for most part of the year except the snowy months of Jan and Feb , also very few people travel in the monsoon months of July and Aug .

Further to Triund hill one can travel uptosnow point, caves, Inderahar Pass

Difficulty Level:- Easy ( Triund )

Avg time to climb:-5 to 7 hrs

Avg time to descend:– 4 to 6 hrs

Altitude:- 2700 mts ( Triund hill )

Best Time to Visit:- April to June, Mid Sept to November

5) Kareri Lake:-

5) Himani Chamunda:-

6) Rajgundha Trek:-

7) Thamsar Pass and Bara Bhangal Trek