Palampur Tea Garden Himachal

Palampur, the hill station in Kangra district is chosen as an epitome of calmness, nature and serenity to all nature lovers of the world. This place in Himachal Pradesh, the northern state of India, is considered as a home for almost all the trek-lovers of the world. The very name Palampur is evolved from a local word ‘palum’, which means lots of water. There are numerous water courses flowing from the mountains to the land bed of Palampur. The presence of water and greens at the same place gives Palampur an idiosyncratic look. Palampur is famous for its tea garden. The stony delve of the mountains, the cool, not so humid weather, less rainfall are perfect for tea cultivation. The mesmerizing view of the tea gardens looks like a green sheet over the land. The greenish beauty soothes the eye and gives eternal peace. The roads around the gardens make them a separate yoke. Driving through the lane of green mountains can make you calm and relaxed.

While we are talking about the tea gardens, one name is worth to take. Bundla tea estate – it is one of the most beautiful tea estates of Palampur that covers Bundla, Aima and Lohna panchayats. The tea estate falls on the road between Neugal Cafe and main Palampur town. From April to October, the workers are seen plucking tea leaves. The Bundla tea estate is 200 years old and can be seen from the main road. If you’re thinking about to make a trip to see these tea gardens after reading this, you can check Solitude Camps. They provide the best experience to explore the places by which you can make a lot of memories for the rest of your life.