Here are a few important points to be noted about Solitude Camp

!) No Tv’s:- Television has weakened the bond of Human with nature and other humans, In an attempt to strengthen this bond we have the nature and the other humans as your best entertainment.

2) WIFI:- We have high speed WIFI optical fibre internet in most areas of the camp, while some areas can have weak connectivity.

3) Walking:- For the strengthening of your legs, the parking is 5 to 10 mins of walk from the campsite.

4) Limited Network:- The solitude camp is surrounded by the mountains, we have limited access to the mobile network at some places in the camp, while some places enjoy the good connectivity. Airtel has the best connectivity in the camp, while Jio also works at most places.

Camp Rules

!) Going in the river without permission is strictly prohibited as the water level may rise anytime particularly during the rainy season

2) No Littering, Use dustbins

3) Quiet Hours Are 10 00 Pm to 08 00 Am, ” No Loud Music “

4) This is a family-friendly camp and any Rude, Drunk or Absurd behavior will not be tolerated

5) Smoking prohibited inside the tent and cottages

6) Any Hazardous goods Like Gas Cylinders, Cooking Stoves, etc are not allowed inside the camp premises

7) Guests will be held responsible for any loss or damage made to the
property by themselves

8) Keep your pets on Leash

For any other information, please feel free to contact us